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Tuscarawas County is located in the east-central portion of the state. U.S. Route 36, and State Routes 39, 183, and 258 cross the county east and west, and Interstate Highway 77, U.S. Route 250, and State Routes 21, 93, 212, 416, and 800 run north and south. The Tuscarawas River flows through Tuscarawas County.

Schoenbrunn Village was settled by a Moravian minister in 1772, where he converted many Delaware Indians to Christianity. The Christian Delawares set up another community called Gnadenhutten. During the American Revolution, the Indians at Schoenbrunn were driven out, and the Gnadenhutten Delawares were massacred.

Both villages have been restored, and the story of the settlement and the massacre is told in the outdoor production, “Trumpet in the Land.”

Other attractions in Tuscarawas County include Atwood Lake; Fort Laurens State Park and Museum; and a restored 19th century commune at Zoar.

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