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Educational Organization Created by County CIC

Article From The Times-Reporter, June 6, 1999

The Community Improvement Corporation of Tuscarawas County has created Tuscarawas Educational Development, Inc. (TED) as a new and separate organization to further knowledge-based economic development in Tuscarawas County. Elected as officers are David Hanhart (President), Len Gundy (Vice-President), Robert Klopfer (Treasurer) and Dr. Heinz Stucki (Secretary). Stucki also serves as Director.

TED is being organized as a tax-exempt entity and will implement programs under development by the CIC's Knowledge-Based Economic Development Committee chaired by Michael Hovan. Also serving on that committee are Dr. Gregg Andrews, Charles Deeds, Eugene Fries, Michael Lauber and Stucki. These programs will facilitate the attraction and retention of knowledge-based industry in Tuscarawas County. The group defines knowledge-based industry as industry that:

  • Utilizes its employees' knowledge, not their physical labor.
  • Employs a high number of degree holders, whether they are four-year college degrees or certification in other specialized knowledge areas such as software development.
  • Employs workers who are skilled and receive high wages.
  • Constantly innovates, producing new designs rather than finding one that's successful and duplicating it.

Stucki comments that in the industrial economy, communities that had the requisite infrastructure prospered; those that did not languished. Those without rail spurs or on ramps to interstate highways were literally and figuratively passed by. It is the mission of TED to put in place the "on ramps" to the emerging knowledge-based economy. It is the aspiration of TED to develop the knowledge infrastructure that will make Tuscarawas County a world-leading community of the next century.

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